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Job Title : Project Manager (Aquinas Housing Corporation)
Date Posted : February 13, 2019
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Position Description

Responsible for managing real estate projects during the various phases of construction of affordable housing multi-family projects. This position reports to the Executive Director.  The Director will work closely with property management, construction management staff, lending institutions, consultants and tenants throughout the span of the project which includes predevelopment through permanent conversion.  The Director will assist in the facilitating work various project related work assignments including but not limited too as the pre-development due diligence associated with project development, correction of LIHTC violations (8823’s) and HPD violations with third party property management staffs.  Including maintaining all related spreadsheets, city documents including sponsor review forms and working on project underwriting models, as necessary.


Specific Activities – These duties take place before, during and after construction

  • Maintain files on projects schedules as necessary to track project progress, preform walk throughs with 3rd party groups necessary to create respective reports
  • Interface with superintendent’s, property managers and construction staff to insure access and follow-up
  • Insure apartment access for general contractor, architecture, construction staff and other 3rd parties as necessary
  • Notify Executive Director as necessary on the project progress
  • Ensure all notifications are sent out in a timely manner to tenants regarding changes in utility services and access during construction
  • Work with construction manager, general contractor and construction staff to insure services are restored on a daily basis in the tenant apartments and construction scheduling for work taking place in apartments
  • Troubleshoot and resolve tenant issues related to construction
  • Insure completion of punch list items

General Requirements

  • Perform data entry, information retrieval and reporting as required
  • Preform project related due diligence pre-post and during construction
  • Interface with, general contractors, property management staff, city, state, federal government agencies, consultants and lenders to coordinate all project related activities
  • Ad hoc projects, as necessary

Educational and Experience Requirements

  • Minimum of 3 years project management experience required
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree, required
  • Strong organizational, time management, due diligence skills, communication both written and oral


  • Please furnish 2 references as part of the application process

To Apply:  Send your resume to

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