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Job Title : Acquisitions Underwriter (NYC based) (Hudson Housing)
Date Posted : December 5, 2017
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Description :

NYC-based Acquisitions Underwriter with 2 – 5 years of experience in affordable housing finance using the Low Income Housing Tax Credit.

Undergraduate degree in accounting, finance or engineering preferred.


  • Assist and work with the Acquisitions Team on underwriting and closing equity investments in affordable housing transactions in NYC and nationwide.
  • Collection and analysis of due diligence materials including sponsor financial statements and background reports, appraisals, project proformas, loan documents and other project documents.
  • Preparation of the investment approval memo, including extensive credit narratives regarding the project, development team and financing structure. Candidates must have excellent writing skills and the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly.
  • Evaluation of transactions using an Excel-based pricing model. Candidates must exhibit proficiency with Excel and a strong interest in financial modeling, including tax accounting concepts. 

Interested candidates should contact Lisa Anselmo (Lisa.Anselmo@hudsonhousing.com) 212-218-4489.

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