Formed in 1998, the New York State Association for Affordable Housing (NYSAFAH) is the trade association for New York’s affordable housing industry statewide.
Our 375 members include for-profit and nonprofit developers, lenders, investors, syndicators, attorneys, architects and others active in the financing, construction, and operation of affordable housing. Together, NYSAFAH’s members are responsible for most of the housing built in New York State with federal, state, or local subsidies.

"Nobody can have stability in the streets or in a shelter. Everything changes when you have a place to stay."

Jaime Ernesto and Michael: Afghanistan veteran, Michael, who works for the Mayor's Office of Veteran Affairs in New York, talks to fellow veteran, Jaime about the apartment Michael helped Jaime Ernesto find after he returned from Iraq.

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Advocates hear from reliable sources that PAB's, including PAB's for housing, are in the conference agreement. There is also confirmation that the Cassidy language maintaining the Historic Tax Credit (HTC) has been maintained in the conference report and is under the 1.5T cap and does not violate any Byrd rules. As reported earlier, the Roberts amendment issue on rural and veterans housing and the lowering of the basis points has been resolved. Advocacy groups are working hard to get official text in order to review actual bill language including potential smaller cuts, such as a reduction to overall bond cap. And significantly, the LIHTC is maintained in the bill.

  • 12-14-2017
The Tax Plan Would Kill Up To ONE MILLION Jobs Across The Nation »

President Donald Trump and members of Congress have said for months that they want to create more jobs across the nation. But the reality is that their tax plan could kill around one million jobs over the next decade – and that would be disastrous. Full article.

  • Jolie Milstein
  • 11-29-2017
NYSAFAH President and Executive Vice Chair Speak at REAP Event»

This past Monday evening, Jolie Milstein, NYSAFAH's President & CEO, and Richard Roberts, NYSAFAH's Executive Vice Board Chair, spoke to NYC candidates and alumni about NYSAFAH and its member firms as leaders in affordable housing development. The information was well-received and REAP leaders have expressed interest in getting more information about our work. REAP—the Real Estate Associate Program—is widely acknowledged to be one of the most successful diversity initiatives in the commercial real estate industry. Learn more about REAP.

  • 11-03-2017
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Albany Day 2018
  • February 5-6, 2018