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May 13, 2014
Enhancing Opportunities for MWBEs. This three hour session (CLE credits pending and are being provided by Robinson & Cole LLP) will discuss best practices for enhancing opportunities for MWBEs and working with the Minority Business Development Institute and HPD. M/WBE Developers have had only limited success in participating in low-income housing development for many reasons, perhaps the most prominent of which is lack of access to capital. The session's organizers suggest that, by providing a growth plan for M/WBE developers that would enable them to build the capacity necessary to participate on City and State deals, they, in turn, will be able to create good paying jobs that can help revitalize the same neighborhoods being developed. Panelists will discuss how to move forward on three components critical to improving the success rate of these developers: 1) low cost access to capital; 2) in-depth information to understand the landscape of low income housing; and 3) opportunities to bid on and participate on deals of a size and scope that can enable them to build both their capacity and their balance sheets. Suggestions on how to overcome specific hurdles that slow the progress of M/WBE developers, and how city and state agencies can help, will be discussed in depth.
Presentation Materials: HERE

Moderated by: Kathleen Furey, Esq., Holland & Knight, LLP
Margaret Anadu, Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group
Robert Balachandran, BellRow Title Agency
Carlton Brown, Full Spectrum of NY, LLC
Naim Brown, Carthage Advisors
Liz Duncan-Gilmour, Minority Business Development Institute (MBDI)
John Kimble, NYC HPD
Kristen Smith, Esq., Robinson & Cole, LLP

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